Meet @theultrachung! Learn about The Chung, why in the world he goes by the The Chung, his favorite thing about being a Dreamworks animator, and what about art makes you a “stupid ding-dong liar” nobody likes (actual quote from the interview).

1. When did people start calling you “The Chung?”

I first started going by “The Chung!!” back in 2004 when I realized that there were about a thousand other David Chung’s trying to register some variation of that name as a website.,,,… was the only available domain name closest to my name that I could snag at the time. Since then, the name The Chung!! just stuck to me. So, suck it all you other David Chungs. There can be only one!!

2. Do you remember what initially inspired you to being creating?

I’ve been creating art since as long as I can remember, but the thing that really helped propel me into choosing art as a career path was that math was not a requirement to graduate where I chose to go to school. Loophole!! I still don’t know how to math. So if this art thing suddenly fails…I am super screwed.

3. You and your wife are both artists, how do you support each other’s creative ideas and passions?

We usually get excited and stressed over the same things when it comes to artwork. So we’re constantly talking about the different projects we’re working on and either encouraging or talking each other off the ledge. It helps that we have different styles of art too, because we’re able to keep our own identities without being too competitive. It’s like my artwork is food that might come with a small toy that doubles as a choking hazard, and her artwork is healthier food made from more premium quality meats. Yet we’re both sold at the same restaurant. I’m not entirely sure what point I was trying to make with this analogy, but I’m pretty confident that she’ll find it stupid and offensive. You can check her work out on Instagram under DesireeFessler.

4. You lived in several different countries as a child, do you think that influenced your art?

Absolutely. I spent most of my childhood in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We returned back to the States as I was entering middle school. Even though I feel like I missed out on a lot of American pop culture as a kid, most of my influences came from asian cartoons and product packaging. Their snack packaging over there in the 80’s and 90’s had some of the most random, acid-trippy designs ever. I freaking loved it.

5. What’s your favorite part of working for DreamWorks?

If you asked me that a year ago, I’d have told you it was the free food. Presently, however, my favorite part is the people and relationships I’ve made while working here. They taste better than the free food.

6. Any advice for artists who hope to be a full-time illustrator?

Create as much art as possible. Listen to feedback and constructive criticism to allow yourself to learn and grow. And most importantly, always allow yourself to fail at least once a day.

7. What’s your favorite Pentalic product?

The 6×4” Traveler Pocket Journal is my most favorite Pentalic product so far. I love how it’s small enough to bring with me anywhere I go, and yet it has a plethora of pages for me to scribble in. It just feels really good in my hands…that’s what she said.

8. In honor of World Watercolor month, what inspired you to explore watercolor as a medium?

I only just started using watercolors, so I’m still learning the medium, but I love how portable and convenient it can be. It’s a great medium to use if you want to camp out on your couch and watch Netflix while you paint. So I guess you could say, the thing that inspired me to start exploring watercolor was laziness.

9. Any advice for artists looking to explore a new medium?

Just go for it! Have fun with it and don’t expect to turn out a masterpiece on your first try. If you do happen to create a masterpiece on what you claim to be your first time…you’re a stupid ding-dong liar and nobody likes you.

See more of David’s work on his Instagram @theultrachung and his website