On the dawn of the March 2019 Pentalic 365 Challenge, March of Monsters, we are offering five tutorials to help you do the “Monster Mash” in the latest Pentalic blog.

By Pentalic

We are excited to announce a March of Monsters theme for this month’s Pentalic 365 Challenge! To enter to win our monthly prize pack, we are summoning you to draw your childhood monster and post it on Instagram with the #pentalic365. For more information on the challenge prompt, visit the “365 Challenge” tab on the Pentalic website.

Every day this month, artists will be challenged to create a hybrid animal by combining the two animals proposed by each prompt. However, imagining and designing combinations of animals can be a creative area many non-fantasy artists have anxieties about stepping into. When presented with two animals to combine, how do you decide which animal’s characteristics will go where?

To help you slay March of Monsters this month, we are offering a list of monster drawing tutorials below. These tutorials share different approaches and techniques that will help you sketch any creature, mythical or not.

For the First Time Monster-Masher

If this is your first time creating an original monster, check out this beginner tutorial on creating simple monsters with artist Rodgon.

Drawing a Dragon’s Head to Build Monster-Drawing Skills

Follow Mark as he explains and demonstrates how to draw a dragon’s head. You’ll find helpful techniques on creating scale details that will ascend your reptile drawing to new heights!

Color, Texture and Wings

If you need tips on how to plan out your fantasy creature’s color, texture, wings etc. check out Austin’s approach.

Combining Characteristics

Katelyn runs through her technique of taking characteristics that she likes about each animal to create a fantasy animal. She emphasizes research, which is essential for any artist wanting to improve their visualization skills and creativity.

Using Punnett Squares to Combine Characteristics

Do you remember drawing that four-square grid in biology class to understand how we inherited certain traits from each of our parents? If you are unsure which of the two animals should have the more dominate features in your animal hybrid, use a Katelyn’s version of a Punnett Square to determine dominant physical attributes in your creatures.