The 365 Challenge: Our Goal

One of the greatest achievements of social media is the ability for growing artists to share their work and support one another through positive feedback and constructive criticism. At Pentalic, we want to invest in artistic communities by helping the artists that partake in them flourish. This is why we created the 365 Challenge. With the 365 Challenge, we encourage artists to create art every day regardless of skill level. Whether an artist has an hour to paint or ten minutes to sketch, the challenge is simply to pick up their sketchbook once a day. Artists can accomplish this feat by participating in the 365 Challenge’s invigorating daily drawing prompts and monthly drawing challenges. Our goal with the 365 Challenge is to connect artists and allow them to celebrate one another in their growth and daily victories.

Whether an artist starts participating on day 1 or day 101, all are welcome to grow with us.


Stay Cool


GOLD – Nelson @nlcham

SILVER – Vanessa @vanessabettencourtart

BRONZE – Patricia @mortricia_78

August Challenge

Stay Cool


  1. Draw or paint how you stay cool during the summer
  2. Follow @pentalic365 on Instagram
  3. Post your art on Instagram with #pentalic365 and #365staycoolchallenge and tag at least one friend who would love to participate and win prizes!
  4. Entry deadline is August 31st by midnight PST
  5. Three winners will be selected by our social media team based on skill, originality and creativity with the provided prompt
  6. Winners will be announced and featured the following business day by 5pm PST on the Pentalic 365 Challenge webpage, Instagram (@pentalic365) and Facebook (Pentalic 365 Art Challenge)
  7. First place winner will receive a PENTALIC PRIZE PACK, second and third place winners will receive honorable mentions
  8. Drawing/painting must be your original work
  9. Must have a valid U.S. or Canadian mailing address

Stay Cool



One winner will receive an assortment of Pentalic products mailed to their door.  This month’s prize pack includes:
  • 365 Sketchbook 4-Book Value Pack 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • Aqua Journal- 3.5″ x 5.375″
  • Illustrator Journal – 5″ x 8″
  • 5-Piece Illustration Pen Set
  • Pentalic Watercolor Pencil Tin 12-Color Set

August Prompts



Day 1: Beach Ball

Day 2: Waves

Day 3: Pool Floatie

Day 4: Flip Flops

Day 5: Lemonade

Day 6: Watermelon

Day 7: Sunglasses


Day 8: Swimsuit

Day 9: Umbrella Drink

Day 10: Carnival

Day 11: Cotton Candy

Day 12: Convertible

Day 13: Squirt Guns

Day 14: Camping


Day 15: Surfing

Day 16: Fishing

Day 17: Summer Sweet Treat

Day 18: Hot Air Balloon

Day 19: Hiking

Day 20: Stargazing

Day 21: Kayak


Day 22: Roller Skates

Day 23: S’mores

Day 24: Mini Golf

Day 25: Waterpark

Day 26: Bowling

Day 27: BBQ

Day 28: Berry Picking


Day 29: Sandcastle

Day 30: Fireflies

Day 31: Seashell